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My selected projects


My fight is a blog about Fitness, Calisthenics and CrossFit. My role in this project was to design a new logo and a responsive WordPress theme based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. During this project I was responsible for design but also for creating the final theme and it's configuration on Wordpress engine.


Gero Insurance

GERO is an insurance office which offers many sorts of insurance types. My goal was to completely change the company appearance. I've created a shield based logotype and a whole new look for the website, changing the colors and making it more dynamic. The whole project included new marketing material design such as business cards, company paper, flyers etc.


Darek Orlicz Photography

Darek Orlicz is a photographer who specialises in both wedding and sport photography. Photos taken by him are dynamic and filled with energy, my task was to prepare a good web 'package' for these photos. I was responsible for design and development of a wordpress theme for his website, which also included a small e-commerce plugin.


Pati Sokol

Pati Sokol is the only Polish student of the teacher of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. One of few in the world who have got such a high voice, professionally called a coloratura soprano. I was responsible for design of a responsive website temaplate which includes a backgrund video playback and loading content with Ajax technology.


Fighters & Fitness

The purpose of the club Fighetr's Fitness is promoting the idea of ​​a secure life for people open to new challenges, as well as who like to spend their free time actively. Their work is their passion in life at the same time they are trying to "infect" all of their students. They combine a passion, scientific approach and experience in the broad sense of personal safety and functional training. I created a new logo and website design for the club.


Defendo Alliance

Defendo Alliance is a global martial art organization. Defendo itself is a famous self-defence combat system used by army in many countries. Defendo Alliance is growing very rapidly, expanding the organizations network across the whole world. My responsibility was to design the new website.


Guga Marie

GUGAMARIE is a e-commerce website with baby accessories. My role was to refresh the logo and preprare a responsive website design.


Monika Mincewicz

Monika Mincewicz is a makeup artist. The goal was to design a good showcase website for her and her work.



Mateusz Kornas - Web designer


My name is Mateusz Kornas, I`m 25 years and I love to create all different sorts of graphic. My main speciality is web-design and UI/UX, however I feel very good in branding and preparing visual identification for companies and professionals. I have been working for Citigroup for over 7 years and even more as a freelancer. I treat every new project as a challenge to create something significant and mind blowing. I introduce myself as a graphic designer but I`m also quite good in front-end development. Many of websites desgined by me also contain my code in form of plugins, templates and apps. Project management in not only my passion, I'm also a big fan of martial arts and crossfit training.

What I can do for You

Responsive web design

Web design

I design and create websites that allow the user to experience your website in the best and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using. Websites that can make use of the space available on the small and large devices.

Front-end development

Front-end Development

As a front-end developer I can prepare a cross browser compatible and responsive website based on Wordpress or any other CMS framework using all available modern technologies.



Like mentioned before I feel very good with brand design. It's directly related to my curiosity for symbolics. This curiosity drives me to perfection while design a company logo.



Through many years of my professional experience I prepared lots of print materials. Posters, flyers, business cards, company papers, roll-ups, banners, window stickers. Whatever you need, probably I've already done it before.